Touchwood Sawmills


WRC & Hemlock
We supply a full range of standard products in WRC and Hemlock, from 1x4” to 4x12”, MG or VG in #2Clr, #4Clr, Tight Knot, Standard & Better, #2 Appearance grade beams.

Sitka spruce
Drill pads, Bridge Timbers, low bed planking. #2 knotty & Btr grade, sawn to standardized sizes or custom cut to order.

Bridge Panels

Bridge Timbers

Drill/Heli Pad material

Low bed flooring

Tight Knot and knotty siding



Bridge Panels

We stock standard 10’x16’ bridge panels for forestry bridges. Bridge panels are built to industry standards with galvanized hardware.

Custom size bridge panels available upon request.


Bridge Timbers

We stock 10x10” and 3x10” for all of you bridge timber needs.

Custom sizes available upon request.



Drill/Heli Pad material

Sitka Spruce is your #1 choice for heli-applications. We stock 6x6, 2x4, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12 in 16ft lengths, rough-cut, full sawn product either green or air-dried. Why make 20 trips with the heli when you can make 15 trips instead, saving time, fuel and money!

Custom timber sizes available upon request.


Low bed flooring

Long length low bed flooring in 3x10” is another regular product we cut in Sitka spruce. We hold our target size resulting in an even and flat lowbed floor. Standard size is typically 3x10” but other sizes are available upon request. 


Tight Knot and knotty siding

Sawn from smaller juvenile logs in Yellow and Red Cedar. 1x6, 7/4x6, 5/4x8, 5/4x10” and any custom size you may require.


Mast & spar (Sitka spruce)

Lengths 15 to 40ft, custom manufactured to PLIB standards,  #2 Clr & Btr or #1 Mill grade clears (Racing yacht spars). Standard as well as custom cut design packages.


Aircraft Grade (Sitka spruce)

Lengths 7 to 19 ft. According to Military specification MIL-S-6073, AC-43 and/or BL/6. In house DeHavilland brittleness testing. Full custom project driven cuts.


Music wood and sounding board stock (Sitka spruce)

Full clears, sawn and graded to customer specification. Concerto Grand and upright pianos, Harpsicord and guitar tops.


Long length sawn veneer

Precision and custom sawn veneers, in lengths of up to 40ft | 12 metre and widths of up to 20”/500mm. Minimum thickness 4,2mm. Species Hemlock, spruce and cedar. Dedicated cuts for cold molded and composite construction for aircraft, yacht hulls and turbine blades. 


Oar stock

Select spruce cut for the manufacture of classic racing oars.


Yacht & Ship deck

Yellow Cedar and Sitka spruce VG yacht deck. Custom sawn, vertical grain, 12mm or laid up to 63mm. King planks, covering boards and caprails.


Traditional Archery

Arrow shaft blancs, graded and sawn to length. Multiple widths for 2, 3 or 6 shafts. Our best Sitka spruce gives an elite quality with high spine weights.


Boat plank

Project driven and custom cut to width. Log selected for purpose, rift sawn, live edge and full length up to 40ft |12 metre. Mostly Alaska Cedar and Western Red Cedar.