Touchwood Sawmills


Oldfashioned craftsmanship &
cutting-edge technology

Touchwood Sawmills was built as a specialty sawmill, strongly influenced by the European and Japanese demands for accuracy, surface quality and thin kerf sawing. We use custom built vacuum handling of the sawn product which reduces the mechanical damage due to handling to an absolute minimum. The machinery is all Swiss or European. Our mill offers specialty products cut to order as well as a full custom cut service. Our mill is in Terrace, Northern British Columbia, ideally located between the ports of Prince Rupert and Kitimat. With our own 10 acre dry land sort and log storage we have ample space to individually build, separate and deck out the logs for our clients.


our mill offers long length timber sizes;

Maximum log / timber length:
60ft | 18 metre

Maximum length edged:
42ft | 12,6 metre

Maximum log diameter;
80" | 200cm

Maximum thickness;
24" | 600mm

quality before quantity.

Key features of the specialty mill

The production per shift varies strongly per product size and specification. The year average is approx. 35-40m3 log intake per shift. The guiding principle throughout our operation is care for the product and quality before quantity.


Headrig (Horizontal, Bogli ARL-150 built in Bern, Switzerland)

Wheel diameter: 5ft | 1.500mm
Saw width: 8” | 205mm
Saw guides: Pressure

Maximum log length: 60 ft | 18 metre
Maximum finished length, edged: 60ft | 18 metre
Maximum log diameter: 80” | 2.000mm
Maximum depth of cut: 70” | 1.800mm
Maximum depth of slab: 29,5” | 750mm
Maximum log centre split: 59” | 1.500mm
Minimum thickness veneer cut: 0,157”  | 4,0mm

Kerf width:  0,149" | 3,8 mm
Sawing variation, approx: +/- 0,02” | +/- 0,5mm
Pre-edger and stress relief saw, depth of cut: 5” | 125mm


Headrig setworks: Bogli (Swiss) & Metric

Carriage drive: Hydrostatic Boeringer Sturm


Vacuum robot handling: (Joulin Aero, France)

Allows safe and damage free handling of the boards and flitches coming of the headrig. The vacuum lifting, handling and positioning system is free programmable and allows pre-grading in between the headrig and edger, allowing for optimum quality and size control and simplifying grading spread at the mill’s exit.

Max length:  42ft | 12,6 metre
Max vacuum lifting capacity: 1500lbs | 700kg


Small log mill

On our small log mill we process logs ranging from 6 to 20” diameter up to a length of 32ft. Built by Kara in Finland this mill excels in flexibility, accuracy and surface quality. Feeding second growth and small juvenile logs with tight intergrown knots this mill produces a beautiful tight knot product for siding and fencing in Yellow and Red Cedar. In spruce and Hemlock this mill produces appearance grade timbers and beams for construction applications, such as 6x6, 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12”. 

Edger: (Esterer-Socolest, Germany-France)

Maximum width: 36” | 905mm
Maximum depth of cut: 6-3/8” | 160mm
Hydraulic saw shift: 2 moving and 1 fixed
Laser guide lights: 2 moving and 1 fixed

Infeed board alignment: Esterer, hydraulic (semi automatic)
Feed system: Hydraulic


Overhead crane (Demag, Germany):

The central building is equipped with a full length and width 5 ton Demag overhead gantry crane. Allowing handling of extremely long logs, flitches and beams. Infinite flexibility in handling and rotation of product while mechanical damage is minimized through use of soft slings. 


Band resaw (Stenner, England)

Wheel diameter: 48” | 1.220mm
Saw width:  6” | 152mm
Kerf: 0,125” | 3,2mm
Maximum product length: 24 ft | 7.200mm
Maximum depth of cut: 27” | 685mm
Maximum opening saw to fence: 18” | 450mm
Maximum opening saw to feedroller: 12” | 305mm


Power plant:

Main: Cummins 855 – 14L 6cil line genset with 350KVA AVK Alternator.
Secondary and back-up power: Deutz 4 Cil – 35KVA and Caterpillar 125KVA